FAN: an enthusiastic admirer of a celebrity or public performer.

Patric Parkey and Harrell Gabehart might have to move into their garage because their Dolly collection has grown so big it leaves no room for them to live.

Jeanette Williams was featured on The Tonight Show because of the Dolly tattoo on her bottom.

Melisa Rastellini left her best friend Jeanette and moved to Nashville to be closer to Dolly.

David Schmidli, born with cerebral palsy calls Dolly his "angel" because she is his inspiration in life.


One of Harrell's Dolly Parton Dolls
Dolly Parton Collection
David Schmidli with Dolly

For the Love of Dolly, takes you into the hearts and homes of Dolly’s most devoted fans. Exploring fandom and obsession, the film takes a poignant and heartfelt look at people who devote themselves to a superstar, Dolly Parton. Although very different, the people in this film share a common purpose; their love of Dolly and a need to be close to her. To satisfy this need these fans go to great extremes and it is through these extremes we come to
understand who they are and why they do what they do.

No sacrifice is too great, they quit jobs rearrange schedules, all in anticipation of that moment when the woman they adore will glance at them or speak their names. For these fans Dolly is much more then a country singer. She is the Mother they never had, a guardian angel, a reason to live. In a unique way Dolly has touched them. Through her gifts she has given each one of them a priceless gift. Dolly helps them to express things they otherwise cannot.

Dolly Parton her self has been called effervescent talented and certainly successful but to these fans the love of Dolly means much more. Dolly has helped them through hard times and allowed them to blossom and become the best versions of themselves they can be. We go on a journey with them to find Dolly and get close to her culminating in the triumph of seeing her at her parade and being acknowledged by her.

Through the eyes of her fans you will fall in love with the phenomenon that is Dolly Parton and through the eyes of the filmmakers you will fall in love with her fans.


Patric Parkey and Harrell Gabehart
Some of Patric & Harrell's Collection



Tai Uhlmann recently completed her first feature length documentary, For the Love of Dolly, about Dolly Parton’s most devoted fans. For The Love of Dolly has been written about in the New York Times and featured in the novel Starstruck, by Micheal Joseph Gross. She also directed the internationally acclaimed short documentary, Bad Jews in my Kitchen.

Tai has worked in film and Television for the past 7 Years, as the script supervisor for festival favorite By Hook or By Crook (Sundance 2002) and most recently at Edgeworx (NYC) as a Post Production Supervisor, working on the documentaries Easy Rider, Raging Bulls (Cannes 2003, BBC, Trio), The Kid Stays in the Picture, a USA Production (Sundance 2002, HBO), and Live From New York, the First 5 Years of Saturday Night Live (NBC and Emmy Nomination) and SNL in the ‘80s.


Dolly Parton Collection
One of Harrell's Dolly Parton Dolls



When Valerie Stadler retired from rock ’n’ roll she co-founded FatChance Films, LLC. There she developed the play Prey for Rock & Roll, which after enjoying a sold out run at CBGB’S, NYC, went on to become a feature film with Drea de Matteo and Gina Gershon (Sundance 2003). Valerie also developed Cavedweller and co-produced the film for Showtime with Kyra Sedgwick and Aiden Quinn (2004 Spirit Awards nominee).

Along with Director Tai Uhlmann Valerie has been scouring the planet for Dolly Parton Fans and has just completed producing For the Love of Dolly, a documentary about Dolly’s most devoted fans, which premieres at the Miami Film Festival 2006.

In 2005, Valerie went to Sundance with Billy’s Dad is a Fudgepacker and co-produced Che, starring Eduardo Noriega. She’s returning to Sundance in 2006 with, What I Love About Dying a short documentary that helps put the fun back in funerals. Valerie is currently developing Hello to Never, a feature film starring Drea de Matteo, and producing Speedway (IFP, No Boarders).


Steak House started her career as an Independent Producer at the NY Underground Film Festival with the outrageous and groundbreaking short film Lez B Friends: A Biker Bitch Hate Story. Prior to that, she earned a BFA in theater production from USC and worked as Coordinator, AD and UPM on projects including Matrix: Reloaded/Revolutions and several kids’ shows for Nickelodeon, Fox and WB.

Steak's company, Steakhaus Productions, produced the indie classic By Hook or By Crook, a 2002 Sundance premiere and five-time Best Feature winner. The film secured theatrical release from Artistic License, national video/DVD distribution with Wolfe Video and continues to air on the Sundance Channel . Steak has enjoyed a long relationship with Sundance, including the 2004 short Phase 5, starring Mink Stole; Billy’s Dad is a Fudgepacker in 2005; and this year's What I Love About Dying. Steak's films have also screened at major festivals including Tribeca, SXSW and LAFF.

In 2005, Steak produced Che Guevara, starring Eduardo Noriega, and co-produced For the Love of Dolly. Current projects are with director's Josh Evans, Stacy Sherman and Sticky Fingaz and star Vivica A. Fox, Cedric the Entertainer, Teri Garr, Cheryl Hines and Gary Cole.


Lori E. Seid started her career in the theater as a stage manger and lighting designer in NYC’s downtown club scene and performance spaces. For her theatre work Seid was awarded The Obie, The Theatre Craft International Award, and a Bessie for sustained overall achievements in theatre. In the mid 90’s Lori started making independent films including, The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love, All Over Me, and High Art. Seid was the music coordinator/technical music producer for the Rosie O'Donnell Show, which earned her an Emmy. She was the associate producer of Boy George's Broadway Musical, TABOO, which earned 4 Tony nominations and was a legend in it's own time. Presently, she produces and runs Rosie O'Donnell's production company, KidRo.


Malcolm Hearn has focused his passions and energies into filmmaking, from locations in war torn West Africa to the editing room of Marlon Brando’s last film, The Score. As a founding member of JUJUNYC, Malcolm has produced and edited many of their projects, including Tragedy: The Story of Queensbridge (Slamdance 2005), Up with People and Make. Malcolm is currently in pre-production on his directorial debut Containment, set to shoot in NYC. Malcolm wasn’t a Dolly fan until he edited For the Love of Dolly.


Doug Hilsinger is an independent Composer and Producer. Based in San Francisco, he records and produces CDs for many local bands, as well as his own projects. Credits include work in the 90's with Warner Brothers, and the Brian Eno-endorsed 2004 remake of Eno's 1974 album, Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy.  Doug’s music can be found at:


Marisa Anderson combines stunning instrumental skill with songs inspired by years of travel and performance with the Dolly Ranchers and the One Railroad Circus. Her guitar playing has been called “lightning fast and sweet as a peach” and her songs are known to bring tears to the eyes of even the most cynical listeners.

Anderson has performed at festivals such as Ladyfest, Homo-A-Go-Go, the Michigan Women’s Music Festival, and the Thirsty Ear festival. She has shared the stage with artists ranging from Utah Phillips to This Bike is a Pipe Bomb to The Devil Makes Three.


Since beginning her film career in 1993, Claire F. Cario has worked as a camera assistant on various genres and under distinguished cinematographers such as Tami Reiker, ASC and James Denault; most notably on the award winning films Boys Don't Cry, High Art and The Believer. In 2001, Claire began to pursue her other love academia, and since then has partitioned her time between her studies in Primatology and her work as a director of photography on several documentaries, including her own Walking Among Us.  Most recently Claire has been working with experimental documentarian Cindy Kleine on her most recent film Inside Out, and is currently shooting Kleine's Til Death Due Us Part.


With a background in narrative, Trent Ermes was at first hesitant to shoot documentaries, but For the Love of Dolly has made him a convert. His most recent doc is American Carny, True Tales from the Circus Sideshow (, coming out soon. Trent still shoots narratives, commercials, and music videos, and he dreams of being a travel blogger. His stunted first attempts as such can be read at